We will use this blog to share all news activities surrounding Casa Primos & Casa Padres as well as the Mirador San Jose community.

Update to Satellite Aerial View of Mirador San Jose

There was yet another update to the Mirador San Jose satellite view. We can now see many more homes currently built as well as the Kokomo Bar and Restaurant. Another notable addition to the map is the full size FIFA soccer field with it’s turf as well as the side by side tennis courts in the community play area. We have added below pictures of the recently completed adult and children pool and tennis courts.

Satellite view of Mirador San Jose

Satellite view of Mirador San Jose

Pool view at Mirador San Jose

Pool view at Mirador San Jose

Pool view at Mirador San Jose

Pool view at Mirador San Jose

Tennis Courts at Mirador San Jose

Tennis Courts at Mirador San Jose

Map of Mirador San Jose

The map below is the Google Maps version of the Mirador San Jose community.

Mirador San Joes aerial view Mirador San Jose Satellite

You may have noticed that Google Maps is now showing a new satellite image of our community. The new image taken over the summer shows many new streets and buildings. What we also notice is that Avenida de las Americas is not properly positioned and that it is running in a straight line at the far south of our community. In order to help owners and guests of the Mirador San Jose we have carefully mapped out all of the streets, parks and a few buildings of our community and submitted them to the Google Maps team.

After a few hours and some 99 submissions here is what the community could look like if approved by Google.

Mirador San Jose Streets

Map Maker Mirador San Jose Submissions


I Love Montañita!

Where can we start? Montañita is a town located just 1h30 south of the Mirador San Jose community and Casa Primos. Over the past few years it has gained a lot of exposure internationally due to it’s surf and to it’s night life. Montañita is filled with small shops, cafés, restaurants and bars. The coastal region of Ecuador has become a well-known spot for surfers and Montañita is definitely one of those popular spots. If you plan on staying overnight be sure to check out our friend Robert’s hotel at Montanita Estates.

Here are some pictures of this beach town.

Alcatraz Discoteka Montanita Alcatraz Nightclub Montanita Beach Club in Montanita Montanita Nativa Cambu Beach Club View of Montanita Beach People walking on beach Buildings in Montanita Chairs and Umbrellas Hotel on Beach in Montanita Montanita Crafts on Beach People on Beach in Montanita Beach in Summer Street Art in Montanita Streets Montanita Street Vendors People at Beach in Montanita

Puerto Lopez Fishermen

The province of Manabi in Ecuador is filled with activities your family can enjoy when visiting our villa Casa Primos at the Mirador San Jose. One of the things to do is to visit the town of Puerto Lopez located approximately 45 minutes south along the Pacific Coast. Puerto Lopez is often the departure town for visits to Isla de la Plata which is the island visible from the roof top terrace at Casa Primos. An activity to do with the family which is often overlooked by tourists visiting the area is the morning visit to fisherman’s arriving with their fresh catch. The beach on the south side of the town is filled with fisherman’s on wooden boats unloading their catch and selling them to nearby restaurants. Although fisherman arrive throughout the day with their catch the best time to visit is early in the morning.

Boats Puerto Lopez Fisherman on Beach in Puerto Lopez Fisherman in Puerto Lopez Fisherman Morning Puerto Lopez Fisherman Catch Puerto Lopez

Pacha Artesanos Del Chocolate in Puerto Lopez

Craving chocolate in Ecuador? Puerto Lopez is a small fishing town in the province of Manabi which is located on the Pacific Coast. During our last trip in March we found a small chocolate boutique along the Ruta Spondylus in Puerto Lopez. This nice chocolate boutique is called Pacha and it is run by a French-Ecuadorian couple. This is a great place to visit with the family as they sell small and big chocolate bars as well as cacao nibs. They also serve drip coffee, expresso, capuccino and juice. When driving South from the Mirador San Jose to Puerto Lopez, the small shop will be on the right just before entering the village. Don’t blink or you will miss it!

Pacha Artesanos Del Chocolate Pacha Artesanos Del Chocolate

Agua Blanca

The community of Agua Blanca is located in the National Park of Machalilla and is located approximately 63 km from our villas as the Mirador San Jose is the community of Agua Blanca. Visitors can learn about the indigenous community and the territory. A tour guide will guide you through the museum showcasing some of the community’s artefacts and snakes. Agua Blanca also has a sulphur pool where visitors can lather in as well as use the therapeutic mud. The cost to enter is $5 per person and the museum is open from 8 in the morning to 6 at night. This is a great activity for the whole family.

Virtual Tour (may take a few moments to load)

Here are a few pictures from March 2014

Map to the location

January 2013 – Casa Primos and Casa Padres

Casa Primos and Casa Padres are on schedule for completion at the end of January 2014.

Summer 2012

Following several successful projects, my cousin (Roch St-Georges) and I created a real estate investment company in Canada’s National Capital Region and surroundings in 2012 under the name of 613 Developments. We shortly realized that we shared a common goal: to eventually expand our investment horizon to a beach front property outside of North America – preferably for a location in Latin America.

October 2013

On October 19, Pascal, Roch and I finally left Canada to visit Ecuador for the first time.

Marc, Roch and Pascal at the Mirador San Jose in October 2013

Marc, Roch and Pascal at the Mirador San Jose in October 2013