We will use this blog to share all news activities surrounding Casa Primos & Casa Padres as well as the Mirador San Jose community.

July/August 2013

In early July, we created and Roch began the process of linking our website to various booking websites. July and August were busy months working with HolaEcuador designer, Amélie Riel. We went through many designs and she informed us as to what was available in Ecuador and also made good recommendations.

May/June 2013

Even though the Mirador San Jose was last year still considered into its inception stage (if you ask me), we were able to obtain a few quotes from Ecuadorian and Canadian companies – this actually came to my surprise. Once we had a few quotes, we emailed a few people living on the Mirador site and asked for feedback. After weighing all, our minds were set on one company: HolaEcuador.

In early May, we sat down with Gordon Poole, co-owner of HolaEcuador to go over the details of our proposed design and details. It was very informative and Gordon not only came prepared but answered all of our questions – I had many! I am sure many of you are probably asking yourselves the same question: Who/Which company can I trust in Ecuador if I am not physically there? – I totally understand you! All I can say is…let me save you from all of the trouble. HolaEcuador offers not only competitive prices but have been very receptive, informative, and professional – throughout the process. Most importantly, HolaEcuador has a really good reputation. That being said, make sure you do your research before you sign up with a company…I heard horror stories from bad contractors.

January 2013

The very same week Roch and I were researching locations for a potential future investment in Ecuador; an article in the Ottawa Citizen featuring the Mirador San Jose was published. The company was inviting people for an information seminar to discover the lifestyle and financial benefits of property ownership at the Mirador San Jose, Ecuador – a gated community that is currently under construction. Call it fate…call it luck…call it karma. I believe everything happens for a reason. We certainly didn’t miss that opportunity!

We left the seminar wanting to buy a lot – and we did! A beachfront lot in zone “A”, area 1, lot 16 Mirador San Jose Site Plan.

The following few months, Roch and I looked at numerous architectural designs for our future vacation rental. With the help of the internet, we identified everything we wanted and what we disliked. From porcelain tiles, backyard plants to granite countertops, we identified all of the “wants”. We then prepared a thorough package to send out to potential designers/builders for quotes. Consequently, my father-in-law, Pascal, showed interest in our project and we decided to sever the lot to include him in our plans. Since we had one of the largest lots in all of the Mirador San Jose, we decided to move forward with two vacation rentals. Why not, right!? All we needed now was a contractor!

UPDATE: If you are currently looking to buy a lot or currently choosing a builder feel free to call us we would be happy to share our experience with you. (343) 887-8211 (Cousins Marc and Roch)

December 2012

Following a 3-week trip to Thailand with Roch/family and friends, our research for real estate outside of North America increased. We came to the conclusion that it would be good a good time to invest in a property in a foreign country. In late December, following extensive research, Roch fell on the tiny South American nation known as Ecuador. He sent me articles from various sources, ranging from real estate opportunities to statistics on healthcare. Not to forget information on Ecuador’s numerous volcanoes! We soon discovered that it was a destination often compared to Costa Rica, but at a fraction of the price!

Ecuador? Some say we’re crazy… – Summer 2010

My wife and I (Marc) have always been avid travelers. For the past ten years or so, we’ve traveled to numerous countries: Mexico, Ireland, Italy, Cuba, France, Thailand & Costa Rica – just to name a few. In a nutshell, it was my Costa Rican adventure (May/June 2010) that made me realize how grateful we are as Humans to have access to beautiful countries around the world that have rainforests, biodiversity and most importantly, tropical climates.

As Canadians (in the province of Ontario), we are only exposed to limited summer months. I think it’s fair to say that most Canadians that really enjoy summer months, dream of owning a property in a tropical country. It certainly was the case with me when I got back from Costa Rica. I started researching Costa Rican real estate (Arenal region, the Pacific coast around Tamarindo as well as Manuel Antonio) and quickly came to the conclusion that we could not afford to buy a piece of paradise in Costa Rica.

My dream was put on hold until recently…