Here is a list we have compiled of interesting facts on Ecuador.

Location: Western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator, between Colombia and Peru. The country has four (4) distinct regions: the Galapagos, the Coast, the Amazon and the Highlands

Population: 17,790,608 (July 2010 est.).

Capital: Quito

Dialing code: 593

Currency: United States Dollar (since 2001)

Ecuador’s flag: The yellow refers to the country’s diversity and the blue relates to the beautiful blue sky and abundance of blue ocean water. Red signifies the blood of those who fought for Ecuador’s independence (August 10th).

President: Rafael Correa Delgado

Government: Republic

Economy: Ecuador’s main industries are petroleum, food processing (oil, bananas and shrimp – just to name a few) as well as textiles.

Religion: Roman Catholic 95%, Other 5%.

Language: Spanish (official)

Time Zone: UTC/GMT-5

Electricity: 110/120V AC (60Hz).

Measurements:  Ecuador uses the metric system nationwide however gasoline is sold by the gallon.

Tipping: Restaurants in Ecuador add a 10% service charge to all bills. It’s common and encouraged to add between 5% and 10% on top of the current charge, should you believe there’s merit. Taxi drivers do not expect tips however you should round up fare. Don’t expect taxi drivers to carry change.

Drinking Age: 18

Water: It is strongly encouraged to drink bottled water in Ecuador. Small bottles cost about 30¢. The better restaurants use ice made from boiled water, but, to be on the safe side, always ask.

Health Precautions: There are no official vaccination requirements for entry into Ecuador, however, inoculations against yellow fever, cholera, typhoid, polio, tetanus, and hepatitis and malaria suppressants (for the Galapagos islands) might be recommended. Consult your physician.

Greening:  Ecuador became the first country in 2008 to codify the Rights of Nature. Although the country is relatively small (approximately the size of Nevada or half of France), Ecuador has more biodiversity than than the United States and Canada combined – it actually is one of the richest in the world! It can offer more than 4000 species of orchids, 20% of the world’s bird diversity as well as the richest Cloud forest in the world! Not to forget the Galapagos Islands! A natural paradise of evolution – a perfect retreat for Charles Darwin and yourself!