I Love Montañita!

Where can we start? Montañita is a town located just 1h30 south of the Mirador San Jose community and Casa Primos. Over the past few years it has gained a lot of exposure internationally due to it’s surf and to it’s night life. Montañita is filled with small shops, cafés, restaurants and bars. The coastal region of Ecuador has become a well-known spot for surfers and Montañita is definitely one of those popular spots. If you plan on staying overnight be sure to check out our friend Robert’s hotel at Montanita Estates.

Here are some pictures of this beach town.

Alcatraz Discoteka Montanita Alcatraz Nightclub Montanita Beach Club in Montanita Montanita Nativa Cambu Beach Club View of Montanita Beach People walking on beach Buildings in Montanita Chairs and Umbrellas Hotel on Beach in Montanita Montanita Crafts on Beach People on Beach in Montanita Beach in Summer Street Art in Montanita Streets Montanita Street Vendors People at Beach in Montanita